The 2021 Conference of the System Dynamics Society

Poster Sessions

Poster presentations are an interactive format in which the authors stand near a poster presenting their work and discuss it with one or two conference attendees at a time. There can be one or more times devoted to poster presentations, and there are no other activities at the time of poster presentations.

Poster Sessions will be delivered using Zoom's Meeting functionality. Presenters will join the single large zoom room holding all of the posters, with each poster being configured as a separate breakout room which attendees will be encouraged to enter and ask questions. Presenters are required to upload a PDF of their poster to the conference Web Portal so that their posters can be displayed in the interactive Web Gallery. Here are some guidelines about poster formats and poster presentations.

Presenters may wish to prepare a 5 minute presentation to supplement their poster. If presenters do prepare a 5 minute presentation they are encouraged to record a video of themselves giving that presentation which they can then upload to YouTube. They can then enter that YouTube link in the Conference Website so that others who cannot attend the live session can listen to the presenter speak about their work.

There is no fixed format for these recordings, but it is suggested that they be from 3 to 5 minutes in length, and follow the same pattern you would use presenting a poster in person - the Work in Progress Template is a useful organizing tool for the presentation, though you do not need to do a PowerPoint presentation. Talking and showing different parts of your poster may be more effective.

Poster presenters will have the option of presenting in a morning session, an afternoon session or both. Simply log into the web portal, select your poster, click on the link to update paper info and change the time settings .