The 2021 Conference of the System Dynamics Society

Work in Progress (WIP) Sessions

Work-in-Progress Discussion Sessions are for work in progress that is of general interest. There would be less time devoted to presentation and more time devoted to discussion relative to a parallel session. Work in progress sessions, even more than other presentation sessions, require a clear unifying theme, whether it be application area, methodological approach, geography, or something else the presentations have in common. The moderator would need to prepare remarks that help foster discussion both with members of the audience and with different presenters. The real goal of these sessions is to get groups of people working on related issues talking amongst themselves. There could be up to 6 presentations in a 1-hour session.

Work in Progression Sessions will be delivered using Zoom's Meeting functionality. Presenters will be invited as participants to the meeting, and the Technical Organizer will manage the process of changing the presenter. Q&A will be done using the chat feature or by directly asking questions when called on. To ask a question via chat either type it in directly, or type HU (hands up) so that you can be called on by the Session Chair. Attendees of the work in progress sessions will have the option to share their webcams and speak directly with the Session Chair or the Presenters during the Q&A period. All direct interaction during the live session period will be coordinated by the Session Chair or Technical Organizer.

Presenters of papers in a work in progress session should go here to learn more about the specifics of presenting. There is also more information here about the format of work in progress sessions.

Session Chairs of work in progress sessions should go here to learn more about the specifics of chairing a work in progress session