The 2021 Conference of the System Dynamics Society

Paper Files

The Paper File menu allows you to update different files associated with your work. Which files you can upload will depend on they type of work you have submitted, the acceptance status of the work and the conference schedule. You get to it from the Paper Menu.

You can submit more than one file at a time. Click on the button for each file you want to submit, then click on Upload Files to upload the submitted files. Problems with the upload may be detected by the server after the files have uploaded. In this case an error message will be displayed.

Cover Page

This is only for Student-Organized Colloquium submissions. Submit a page with detailed contact information as noted.

File for Review

This should be a file with no author names that can be used in the blind review process. You will only be able to upload this when you first submit your work. It is locked after 24 hours to ensure that all reviewers see the same thing. It must be an adobe acrobat document or (for Practitioner Applications) it can be a PowerPoint file.

Supporting Materials

This is a file (commonly a .zip archive) containing models, data or other material in support of the submission. When first submitted it should not include any author information. It can be updated after submission placements have been announced. It will be used as part of the Conference Record for Plenary, Parallel, and Poster presentations.

Paper for online schedule and conference record

For work that is scheduled for Plenary, Parallel, or Poster sessions author's should upload a paper, extended abstract, or set of slides (in Adobe Acrobat format regardless of the content). This material will be available as part of the online schedule. After the conference website closes on August 7, 2020, a final extended abstract should be uploaded for inclusion in the conference record. You can update this file anytime during or after the conference until the date shown on the page.

Work in Progress Slides

For work scheduled in Work in Progress sessions the authors need to supply PowerPoint slides for their work. These slides are due before the conference. They will be collated by the session chair into a single slide deck for the entire session so it is important they get in on time. They will be included in the online schedule, but not the conference record.

Presentation Slides

For work that is scheduled for Plenary, Parallel, or Poster sessions author's can optionally upload the slides they will use in their presentation. These will be included in the online conference schedule, but not the conference record.