The 2021 Conference of the System Dynamics Society

Paper Info

The Paper Info page lets you specify the title, abstract, authors and other information about the paper. Fill in the information by typing, cutting and pasting, or selecting radio buttons.


Your name will be automatically filled in as the first author (you can move that if you do not want to be listed as first author by typing your name into another location). To fill in additional authors type in their last name (pasting will not work here).

As you type, a list of names matching what you are typing will appear. Click in the list to select the author. You can start typing the last name, first name, or email address of the person and their name should appear.

If the author you are trying to add is not in the system click on the link labeled "here" to add them. This will open a simple form

Fill in the information and click on Add Author. Once you do this they will be added to the web submission system. If they want to log in, they will need to go through a password reset option (based on their email) on the System Dynamics Society's main website.

Instead of adding an author in this manner you can also ask them to sign up on the System Dynamics web site and then you can return and add them.

Designated Presenter

Every paper needs a designated presenter. That name will be used to resolve scheduling conflicts and introduce speakers. It the first author is not going to be presenting the work click on the one that is.

If you check the All all authors... button every listed author will be able to update the submission information and files.

When you make changes to the paper you should receive an email telling you the change has been recorded.

When you first add your work submitting the paper information will take you to the Paper Files page. Otherwise it will return you to the Paper Menu.