The 2021 Conference of the System Dynamics Society

Review Page

The review page allows you to review work submitted. The reviewing process is double blind. You will not see they names of the authors for the paper unless they inadvertently included them in their submission. You communicate with them through the review.

The author's do not see the names of the reviewers. There is an option for an author to send an email anonymously to a reviewer if they want to provide information or thanks based on the review.

The review form will vary depending on the submission type but consists of for basic parts.

Review Material

The abstract for the work will be shown at the top of the review page. There will also be one or two files that you can download to inspect. The first is the paper, abstract, or set of slides that represent the work. The second is supplementary material, such as models or presentations, that may be helpful in assessing the work. There will be links to download these files.

Submission Type

We categorize submissions as Applications (using quantitative or qualitative modeling to address a problem or system issue), Methodological (advancing the practice or teaching of System Dynamics or Systems Thinking or measuring its impact on people) and other (for example historical analysis of work in the field). Since the review questions to be used depend on this classification this is the first thing that needs to be selected.

Assessment Questions

There will be a series of questions that you are asked to respond to based on the category of submission and submission type you have selected. For each of these rank them on a scale of lowest to highest. See Review Questions for discussion.

Written Response

A concise review summary will help the Program Committee assess the work, and it will help the authors improve it. See Review Guidelines for discussion of content. If you have anything you want to communicate only to the Program Committee and not to the authors enter it into the Program Committee notes. If you have a longer set of notes that you think would be helpful to the authors enter that in the suggestions for author area. The Program Committee will not see these suggestions.

Note Once you submit a review you will not be able to edit it.