The 2021 Conference of the System Dynamics Society

Review Preferences

The first time you log into the system you will see the Review Preferences page. You can also go to it by selecting reviewer preference from the User Menu.

Everyone submitting work to the Conference, and anyone who is otherwise interested, is invited to be part of the conference review process. This is a double blind peer review that helps the Program Committee make decisions on paper placements and provides helpful feedback to those submitting their work. You can choose which Threads you want to review work for, how many reviews you are able to do, and what types of work you want to review.

Check the Threads that you feel comfortable reviewing work for. You do not need to be an expert in a particular thread, and reviewing work in areas that are novel to you is a great way to learn more about the breadth of what is being done. For each thread if you hover over it a longer description of the thread will appear. Thread information can also be viewed at Threads

After selecting Threads to review, specify how many reviews you are willing to complete:

Select the number from the drop down (between 0 and 9).

Note Select 0 if you do not want to review any work at all.

Next select which Submission and Presentation Formats you are willing to review:

Note Research papers will be full papers, practitioner applications will be slide presentations, work in progress will be 2 page abstracts.

You may also, optionally, check to see if there are any papers available for review - and select them by title (this list if often empty ad reviews are assigned frequently).

Finally, click on the Record Preferences button to finalize your choices.