The 2021 Conference of the System Dynamics Society

User Menu

The main web portal page is the user menu. This is the page you will see when you sign into the system (though the first time you sign into the system you will be directed to the Review Preferences page to fill in your preferences.

The use menu consists of general tasks, tasks specific to the conference and, for members of the Policy Council tasks related to that work.

General Tasks

For most users the only general task is the option to set up reviewing preferences:

Click on the Reviewing Preferences link to go to the Review Preferences page and set up review preferences. When you are done with that, commit the changes and you will be sent back to the User Menu.

Conference Tasks

Once the conference submissions open you will see options to create a new submission, make changes to any submissions you have made, and review the submissions of others:

Click on the first item (Submission #1006 in this case) to make get to the Paper Menu. You can view and make changes to the submission description and supporting files here. If you have more than one submission each will appear. If you are a co-author and the original submitter checked the option to allow co-authors to edit those submissions will also appear.

After the submissions there will be a list of work that you have been assigned to review. The review assignment process is based on your Review Preferences (where you can also self assign reviews if there are any available). Before you have completed a review there will be a link to review (#1002 above). Click on that link to go to the Review Page. Once you have made a review there will just be a link to display the content of your review (you can't change it after submitting it).

New Submission

Use the New Submission for button to create new submissions related to the conference. This includes work intended for the main conference program such as Research Papers, Practitioner Applications and Work in Progress (see Submission and Presentation Formats). The second option is a workshop proposal for presentation during the workshop day of the conference. The Student-Organized Colloquium is run the day before the formal conference opens and is organized around work under development primarily by graduate students. Other session submissions can include meetings and roundtable ideas that will be fit into the conference program between the main sessions.


If you have work in the conference program, or are chairing a session, your name will appear in the schedule. By including your bio you will allow people to know a little bit more about you. There will be a link to it in the online conference schedule as well as the conference app. If you have uploaded a picture this will also be included and can make it easier for people to find you at the conference. Click on Change to toggle between include and exclude. By default your bio will be excluded (this is an explicit opt-in).

Policy Council

These items are available only to Policy Council members. You can navigate to the