The 2021 Conference of the System Dynamics Society

Review Guidelines

First and foremost, the review process is intended to be constructive. Comments and suggestions should both inform the Program Committee and benefit the authors. They should also be specific. A comment such as "I did not find this interesting" does not help the Program Committee or the authors. Summary assessments are done using the radio buttons for the questions which allow you to quickly rank a submission along a number of dimensions.

Those ranking questions can also be very useful in organizing written comments. For example, the question on Demonstration of significance (Have the authors demonstrated the significance of the articulated question or problem (including appropriate literature citations)?) might suggest literature the authors have overlooked. The Program Committee should know about that as it helps establish grounding, the authors as it will help them make their work more complete.

See Review Questions for a discussion of the review questions. If you are interested in a more complete discussion of reviewing in general Wiley (the publisher of the System Dynamics Review) has a writeup. Be brief and constructive.

A review consisting of only the checked assessments and summary comments is perfectly acceptable. You need to add comments to the Program Committee only for issues that should not be shared with the authors.

Comments for Authors

If you have thoughts or ideas for the authors on other things they might try or other places they might look for inspiration please write them out. A sentence or two in this box can be most appreciated by the authors.


If, on reading the submitted work, you suspect that it may contain plagiarism, please state that in your comments to the Program Committee. If you know the source of the plagiarized material, please include that in your comments.